Walk 1 Industrial Countryside

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Industrial Countryside

Walk No: 1   Distance: 8 miles   Time: 3 hrs

This 8.5 mile walk takes you through the industry on Europarc to the Humber Bank industries leading to the pleasant countryside through Stallingborough and Healing before arriving back in Great Coates.

Deer, foxes, seals and various bird life may be seen on this walk combined with spectacular views across the Humber on a good day to peaceful countryside between Stallingborough and Healing where you’ll wonder where the industry disappeared to, yet still visible.

This comfortable, 3 hour walk is generally flat, suitable for all ages with steps to climb towards the end.

Combine this walk with a visit to The Green Man in
Stallingborough who serve a good range of drinks and is well known for its quality food.

Healing has a convenience store within minutes of the walk for snacks and drinks.


Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

1926- 2022


On behalf of the Councillors and staff of Great Coates Village Council we
extend our condolences to the Royal Family on the passing of Her Majesty,
Queen Elizabeth II.
Her Majesty the Queen was the longest serving monarch in British history who
devoted her life to our country, bringing unity, strength and hope, an
exceptional person admired and respected throughout the world.
We will be writing to His Majesty the King, Charles III and members of the
Royal Family to express our sincere condolences on behalf of the village of
Great Coates.

You may visit and sign the official book of condolence at www.royal.uk